Please list the clothes you selected from the Make It Work Box: 1.)Dark Lady Pants little 2.)Dark Lady Skirt 3.)top2 bouquet 2 (undershirt) 4.)top bouquet 2(shirt) (you can add more numbers if needed) Please list the accessories, shoes, skin & hair you used for this picture: Hair: ~HOH~ House of Heart-Unkept- Coffee bean Skin::Curio: Petal-[Dark] Freckles-Lovely-Chocolate Peach2 Eyes: *Reale* Green Lashes: K-Design - Black Shoes: Indyra- I.O. Coquette Noir Shoes: Flirt Other Accessories: Necklace:~Muse~ Desined by Caliah Lyon-Margaux Draped Pearl Necklace (white pearl/gold clasp) Earrings:Jordan*s Jewelry- Pearl Diamond Circle Earrings Pearl Drop Belly Chain by Twisted and Spoiled. Please tell us why you can "Make it Work" How i can make outfits work, I like mixing and matching my clothes and accessories to change the look of an outfit from casual to club to elegant. I like making the different looks to not look like cookie cutter off the box and or run into someone with the same outfit looking like twins. I would have to admit accessories means alot to play up the outfit and to play it down..thats what makes it so fun and challenging to make it work!