Sure helps when you know where everything is, all the wrench sizes, etc! This was about 1 hour 45 minutes from the last picture. Check the time stamp. And even a "coffee" break in there, too! One thing I stopped to improve on was to put an electrical quick disconnect in the wire from the neutral indicator light switch on the rear of the trans - the wire that goes thru a little hole in the left side of the swingarm but the hole is too small to pass the switch itself. The QD avoids having to fish that wire out from in that mess under the battery & stuff and most importantly fighting to get it threaded back thru there. Another thing I found that was easier / quicker to do was to just detach the fuel lines & regulator from the front of the air box, then remove the airbox, leaving the lines in place. Also didn't disconnect the throttle cables this time. Just was careful lifting the back half of the frame so didn't damage the cable connect at the TB. Those tricks saved a lot of time and aggravation!