25 more minutes and the trans is out. Going to swap in the low 1st & 6th out of an Enduro unit to get a lower 1st gear and to narrow the 5-6 gear spread. (Did the work myself with the gear swap, turned out great!) After the gear swap, went to a 2.62 FD out of a K1200LT to get back most of my 6th gear for the less than 10% freeway driving I do with this bike. And now 5th gear is in the "sweet spot" rpm for 2 lane roads - 3000/50 mph to 3700/62 mph. No lugging, stays below the buzzy vibration rpm range of the motor, no constant up/down shifting for hills. Love it! (EDIT) Little tip - if you ever take the clutch apart, make sure you can see the 3 factory paint lines on the cover, flywheel, & pressure plate, at "about" 120 degrees apart, so you keep the factory balance when you reinstall it or you can end up with a vibration. I couldn't see the factory paint marks on mine so used a paint stick to match mark the parts so they went back together correctly.